Public Relations

Public relations is the practice of managing the communication between an organization and its public. Public relations gains an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that provide a third-party endorsement and do not direct payment. It is something that is not tangible; this is what sets it apart from advertising.

Public relations can be used to build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public. Almost any organization  that has a stake in how it is portrayed in the public arena can benefit from some level of public relations.

There are many areas of public relations catering to different sectors including financial, product and crisis. We specialize in  Product Public Relations where it is our goal to gain publicity for your product or service through public relations rather than using  advertising.

Public relations and publicity are not synonymous, but many public relations campaigns include provisions for publicity.  Publicity is the spreading of information to gain public awareness for a product, person, service, cause or organization, and can  be seen as a result of effective public relations planning.

We work with you to identify your target audience and then tailor the message to appeal to that audience.

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