Marketing (or advertising) is the process by which companies advertise products or services to potential customers. It is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and in order to capture value from customers in return.

With the customer as the focus, marketing is used to create the customer, keep the customer and satisfy the customer.  Consider the following simple steps to determine a basic marketing plan.

1. Know your goal.
2. Develop a strategy.
3. Determine your budget.
4. Create your message.
5. Activate/sell your message.

A wide range of activities may be employed to meet your marketing needs including advertising, promotions, publicity, public relations and sales.

To help understand how each of these elements are different, consider the following…If the circus is coming to town and  you paint a sign saying ‘Circus Coming to the Fairground Saturday’, that is advertising. If you put the sign on the back  of an elephant and walk it through town, that is promotion. If the elephant walks through the Mayor’s flower bed and the story  makes the news, that is publicity. And if you can get the mayor to laugh about it, that is public relations.  If big crowds then go to the circus where they spend money at the booths, that is sales.

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